Even Glow Serum Vitamin C Serum Antioxidant Treatment by Valentia


Dare I say miracle in a bottle?! Yes, I think I would. It’s beautifully presented. This white and gold trimmed bottle opens to reveal and brown dropper bottle. After reading the instructions carefully I dove right in to see what the contents were all about. The serum is an opaque yellow tone in color, I was sure to shake it vigorously as well. I put a few drops of the citrusy serum on my face and it distributed quite evenly. It didn’t feel sticky or greasy. It was mildly the consistency of a liquid gel. The absorption wasn’t very quick but that’s okay because my skin felt moisturized in the process. The scent was fantastic too! I have a particular problem area that I was hoping this would aid with. I have a broken capillary on my cheek and I’ve been doing tons of research to find out how I can get rid of it without any need for expensive laser treatment. I discovered that vitamin C would help it fade if not remove it completely so I was definitely thankful that this serum is made up of 20% vitamin C. Actually if my eyes are not deceiving me I would say that already after the second day that capillary seems less noticeable and not nearly as inflamed as before I started using the Even Glow Serum. I received this product at no cost and couldn’t believe the results after evaluating it. Aside from the capillary appearing less noticeable my skin also has a radiant glow and looks very healthy and full of vitality. I am definitely more keen on trying Valentia products and I am curious to see what other facial products they make.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I usually use a PCA Vitamin C serum. I’ll have to get this one a try, I’ve been thinking about branching out anyways.

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