Have you guys checked out  They have some new swag opportinities posted on the site!

The first is a microfiber hair towel aka Devatowel by Devacurl. It helps prevent frizz when you are drying your hair after washing it. Drying your hair with regular towels causes frizz. Trust me when you get one of these microfiber towels there’s no looking back! Not only that but they dry your hair way quicker and absorb more water.

The second swag alert is for the Jet Set travel set from Savvy traveler. It includes several disposable products for the woman (or man) on the go. I know that I personally hate the whole liquid limit on the plane thing, and not only that but carrying so many products when you are traveling just makes your luggage much heavier. To make matters worse if you don’t use it up then you have to bring all that stuff back with you too. This set is the perfect solution for key hygiene and beauty news in portable and disposable pouches so you can pack light.


If you’re not interested in either of these products, check again frequently as those post new offers nearly everyday! You’re welcome.


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