NaturalBeautyGoddess Pure Unrefined Cocoa Butter

This cocoa butter is solid, and I mean that quite literally. This is the purest form of cocoa butter I’ve ever used in my life. It’s even more firm and dense than the ones that come in the pop up stick. I didn’t even know such a pure form of cocoa butter even existed.

In order to apply you need to either let the jar sit in warm water or the directions say that you can use a spoon to shave off exactly how much you want. I just used the back of my fingernail and that worked just fine. I shaved off a bit and applied it to my skin. You have to rub it in a bit more than standard creams or butters due to it’s density but I don’t mind because that only ensures that the product penetrates deeper. I wish I had of known about this when I was pregnant because I would have applied it everyday. It’s still not too late to put in on my stretch marks now though and that is what I will do starting immediately.

The scent is so delicious it almost makes me want to eat it. I also like that it comes in a jar so you can ensure that you get every last drop of the product. Other cocoa butter products (I won’t mention any names) usually come in pumps or bottles and you can never seem to get that last little bit out of the bottom and it’s such a waste. I am thrilled with this product and was happy to receive it at no cost in exchange for my honest evaluation. I am already loving it and my skin is too!


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