Osaka Jar Self Sealing Airtight Storage Container

The Osaka jar really is airtight. I can’t get over it. I lifted it right up by the lid and it did not fall even-though the ceramic jar is quite heavy. Speaking of which the jar is very sturdy and well constructed. The style is sleek and modern. It’s great for use in the kitchen to store tea, coffee, herbs, sugar and more. The ceramic is also heat resistant. It’s dishwasher safe however it is not microwave safe. The lid is made of silicone so it would probably warp over time in the microwave anyway so that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. If you apply a bit of pressure to the lid when closing it that ensures that you get a tight seal and forced any excess air out. I think it could also serve as a good soup bowl with lid although I wouldn’t recommend travelling with it. I love the colors black and red together and it’s perfect because a lot of my pots and pans are black and red too. It also comes in white as well but I have two kids and I’m sure their sticky little fingerprints would be all over it if I got the white one. I received a very nice discount in exchange for my honest evaluation and I believe it’s an all around useful container no matter what you decide to store in it you know the contents will remain dry and safe. My only concern is that I hope the paint on the ceramic is chip resistant in case it bumps other items in my pantry. If you like this design Osaka also has matching pitchers and cups as pictured on the box. Their products are made in Japan. Arigato!



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