PediComfort Electronic Pedicure Foot File

The PediComfort Electronic Pedicure Foot File comes with four double A batteries and yes it uses all four. I kind of thought that was a little excessive to power such a small item but I suppose the charge will last longer. Ideally if this unit was rechargeable that would be fantastic because you wouldn’t constantly need to waste money on batteries and it’s better for the environment in general.

The filing insert is pretty abrasive but it files down to a smooth finish and it does so pretty quickly. You don’t really even need to apply any pressure to get it to be effective. It is a little noisy but not too loud. You will notice the sounds change depending on the mount of pressure you place on it. It also comes with an additional replacement insert. The inserts are very easy to swap out. It’s really no different than changing the replacement blades on your shaver. The initial insert already comes pre-installed. It works on even the roughest skin. The unit itself is pretty ergonomic and easy to handle. It is not very lightweight but that’s because of the weight of the batteries inside. It feels durable. I purchased this item with a discount in order to provide my honest opinion on the product. Overall I am happy with the results and I have a feeling my pedicurist will be seeing much less of me. I am all set and my feet are pretty and sandal ready. Bring on the summer! #pedicomfort


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