Tips for getting started as a product reviewer


I have been reviewing products for the past week or so and I think I have gained some insightful experience into doing product reviews. I know what you’re thinking. “Who does this girl think she is? She just started a week ago.” While I may not be an expert in product reviewing I am not new to reviewing in general. In the past I ran a successful music blog that published music and event reviews and I am also kind of a foodie so I have over 500 reviews as an elite member on yelp.

To become a product reviewer you need to posses a few things and if you don’t it’s not going to work out for you. Time is an important one. If you find your schedule is already tight don’t try to squeeze this in. It’s only going to result in you writing half-assed reviews and not getting approvals for the things you want thus as a result wasting more of the time you didn’t have in the first place trying to get things you aren’t going to get. Make sense? Good, now onto the next….

You have to be a decent writer. If you want a good rating make sure your reviews make sense, are legible and objective and are at least 300 words. Use spellcheck and proofread before clicking the submit button. You can probably get in 200 factual words and BS on the last hundred since you have to add disclaimers such as “I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review”.

If a product sucks don’t be afraid to say it but be sure to put it nicely and explain why. Don’t just write this product sucks. Other companies will read those reviews and get a bad taste in their mouth from it. A nicer way of putting it is “This product may work for some people, however I find that it doesn’t suit my purposes because ____.”

Now that we got those things out of the way, register with as many companies as you can. Different sites have different clients therefore different offers but also don’t be surprised if you tend to see some of the same items. I also like to cross reference items on sites because I’ve found what one site is offering for a dollar or two another site is offering free of charge. Free sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Not only that but some companies will actually pay you to test it, especially if you have a big social network.

It would be helpful if you already have some reviews posted. If you purchased items on Amazon in the past just write up some quick reviews for them so that your profile is not blank when the sellers check them. This will give them a good idea of what your writing is like and increase your chances of being approved.

If you don’t have prime, GET IT! Even if you just sign up for the free trial to see how it works out. As long as you cancel before the month is up you won’t be billed for it and you can get all your shipping for free. Cancelling is not a hassle either because you can opt out using the your account setting right on the Amazon website. If you find you are reviewing enough products for it to constitute the charge feel free to continue. I personally feel it’s worth it. Some sellers will still offer free shipping without the prime account but the ones that won’t require you to add $49 to take advantage of the free super saver shipping. This will only work out in your favor if you get approved for many promotions at the same time and fill up your cart.

The sites that work for me best thus far are Amzreviewtrader, Tomoson, and Snagshout. Don’t even bother with Uberzone. I’ve actually received their promotional emails and clicked on them the very second they’ve hit my inbox just to get the error “Sorry this promotion ran out”. How is that even possible. I am starting to think it’s a sham. Has anyone successfully received anything from them? Keep in mind that each site has their own dashboard style and rules and expectations. Don’t just click accept on everything. Read the instructions and make sure that you can comply. If you are going to be accepting offers from more than one site it would help if you are good at multitasking and can keep up with it. You will get email reminders when your time is nearly up to post the review. Post your reviews on time and be considerate towards the sellers and they will be likely to approve you again next time you apply for one of their products.

Some companies will require more than just an amazon review. For example on Tomoson some sellers before you use youtube, or your own social sites or even walmart or sears. Pay attention to what the seller wants. The further you are willing to go the more likely you will get approved. I usually just select them all because I really have no problem sharing stuff I am really fond of on all my social networks. Some of you may not share the same sentiment but remember you don’t ever have to accept any task or product you don’t want to. No one is holding a gun to your head, but just be sure to complete the ones that you do accept.

Before you are planning on buying something always check the review sites first. Even if you can’t get it for free at least you might be able to get a discount code and a penny saved is a penny earned.

Take pictures, take videos and do whatever else you can to spruce up the review. I know you guys don’t have a problem with taking pics of selfies or your dogs and cats and babies. Remember I can see your social accounts! Don’t forget to take pics if your products, using your products, having fun with your products, take pics of the products balanced on your heads for all I care just make sure to do it.

Don’t get your reviews mixed up. If at all possible try not to evaluate too many similar products at the same time. You might get confused about which one you liked more or reference other details incorrectly especially if you are reviewing a lot of items at once which leads me to my next tip.

Last but not least don’t bite off more than you can chew! I know getting a bunch of stuff is going to be super exciting but remember the work that’s involved afterward. That’s all I have for now but I will be adding more articles like these in the future. Keep doing what’s expected of you and you will be scoring all sorts of awesome stuff! Happy Reviewing 🙂


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  1. mliae says:

    Thanks for your post! I’ve actually signed up for some of these promotional sites as well, but being located in the EU, it seems that there aren’t so many companies interested in anything outside the USA or Canada. Do you have any suggestions of other sites to check into?


    1. zeeviews says:

      Tomoson has some international offers

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mliae says:

        Awesome, I’ll check it out! Thank you 🙂


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