Alina Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid Ultra Moisturizing Serum

This hyaluronic acid serum made by Alina Skincare comes in a frosted glass pump bottle. The pump at the top twists to close so that it’s great for travel and won’t leak in your cosmetic case. The size is one fluid ounce so it’s also perfectly sized for air travel so you never have to be without your serum while you are away from home. Even though this is a serum it’s not a gel or liquid it’s more like a lotion or cream. The serum is white and relatively thick. I applied it to my freshly cleansed skin. I had no issues dispensing or applying it. It distributes very evenly and smoothly. It smells light and fresh like citrus and the ingredients include grapefruit peel oil and mandarin oranges. Since the serum is fragrance free it must be the natural scent of the fruit extracts. My skin felt great after applying. The instructions actually say you should apply it before your moisturizer but I actually felt like additional moisturizer was not even necessary. I have combination skin and it worked well with my skin type. Even though it provided a lot of moisture my skin did not feel overly greasy or unpleasant. You should use it sparingly if you plan on putting any makeup over it. If you use too much your face may look a bit shiny.

When it comes to results this product delivers. I received this product at no cost in order to provide my honest opinion, and I feel that it performs very well. The best part of using this product daily was the skin plumping effect. Since it’s ultra hydrating is delivered superior moisture and as a result it minimized the deep wrinkle I have on my forehead. That unsightly wrinkle runs in my family. My mom has the same issue and so did her father so I don’t think it’s something I could have avoided but it is something I can work on or certainly at least prevent it from getting worse. It just takes the right product to assist with that and I think I’ve finally found the right one.




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