Ancient Greek Remedy Oil by Bliss Of Greece

I’ve had the opportunity to check out the Ancient Greek Remedy Oil by Bliss Of Greece. The uses for the oil range from face, to skin, hair, and nails. My face is naturally a bit oily so I opted to keep oil based products away from it. I decided to test the product on my skin instead to see the effects. I placed some on a few dry spots on my arms and while they did make my skin softer and moisturized it felt quite greasy. In addition to that I was also concerned about staining my clothing because the product is mostly made of olive oil. Oils stains are nearly impossible to remove from materials once they have set in. A little bit goes a long way and the glass bottle has a spray top. I recommend using and applying the product somewhere like the bathroom because the sprayer does splash a bit. Spraying the product into your hands as they are in a cupped position is likely the best way to prevent messes. It did soften my skin quite well and after a few minutes and absorbed a bit more after a few minutes has passed, so my skin felt less oily.

I’ve definitely heard that olive oil is good for stretch marks. Aside from olive oil the short list of ingredients includes lavender oil, almond oil, and grape seed oil and it’s all natural. I do appreciate that the company is animal friendly, pesticide free, gmo free and vegan. The presentation is very nice and visually appealing with a nice gold trimmed label. I can’t say I am crazy about the smell. It’s a pretty intense lavender scent at first but it does not linger for very long. That’s a good thing because I don’t imagine this would pair particularly well with my perfume. The lavender just overpowers all the other ingredients. I think I would have preferred the almond to be the featured scent instead. Almond is just a bit softer and sweeter. The lavender is a bit too flowery for me, especially for daily use.

Since the product also lists nails as one of the possible uses I tried applying it there next. It softened my cuticles and I gave myself a quick manicure minus the paint job. My cuticles were easier to push back. My nail bed was also very shiny and healthy looking. By this time I think I kind of got used to the scent because it didn’t seem as strong or may be it’s because I used a lot less oil this time. I decided not to try it on my hair for the same reason I didn’t want to try it on my face. I’m a wild sleeper and I am sure it would get on my pillowcase and transfer to my face from there.

I am going to keep this oil in my manicure case and continue to use it on my nails. I also thought that I could make a scented oil sachet with it and since the lavender is so strong it may work well as a sleep aid. I received this product at no cost in order to provide my honest opinion and I’ve determined that the ingredients are very healthy for your skin but the scent is just a bit too strong for me. If you like the scent of lavender you are sure to love it.

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  1. Defo have to try thisn


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