Body Merry Eye Gel

This is the third Body Merry product I’ve tried and I feel like I am very familiar with their products now and I am already looking forward to trying others. From what I’ve noticed they tend to create vitamin enriched products with a lot of natural ingredients. So far all of their products work well with my combination skin.

The Body Merry eye gel comes in a plastic pump bottle. The gel inside is very thick and a little bit goes a long way. I’d like to mention that even though the title of the product has the words cream it does not apply like a cream. You might only want to pump it halfway because I noticed that if you use a full pump of the product it may be a bit too much so don’t waste a drop of this precious gel. It’s fit for both day and night use and you can even apply it under makeup. There is a faint scent of cucumber and it has a mild cooling sensation. Of course when I read the list of ingredients on the bottle cucumber was listed as the very first one. Women have known about the benefits of using cucumbers on the eyes for a very long time so it’s really comes as no surprise that Body Merry included it as an ingredient. Other notable ingredients include plant stem cells, aloe, vitamin c, and hyaluronic acid to name a few.

You can intensify the cooling effect by applying it in a cool room. I happened to have my window open and it was a little chilly outside so as the breeze came in and hit the gel it was extra cool. When I use gels I apply them and pat and dab lightly with my ring finger on the affected area. I try not to rub them in very much and I let the product absorb by itself the rest of the way because if you over rub gels sometimes they get stringy and you end up removing more of the product than actually rubbing it in. I used that same method for this gel and it worked out perfectly and it did not take long at all to dry. It did not feel sticky, clammy or stringy afterwards either.

My observations immediately were that it is very effective at brightening the eye area therefore that makes it very effective against dark circles. I know that this is not one of it’s advertised effects, but I think it also enhanced the shine of my eyelashes. My extended observations after using the product for a few days is that my eyes appear more lively. I definitely don’t have that tired look, even if I didn’t get much sleep on a particular night. When it comes to it’s effects on puffiness I can’t really comment because I didn’t have very much puffiness in the days I applied the product. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion and I feel it’s worth every penny. Body Merry definitely needs more recognition in the beauty scene but I have a feeling if they continue making such fabulous products they will soon become one of the leading brands in natural skin care.



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