Silicone Egg Poachers by Kitchen Discovery

If you want perfectly poached eggs you don’t have to be a professional chef. These silicone egg poachers by Kitchen Discovery will make your next egg dish an absolute masterpiece. These poachers will help you make the perfect eggs Benedict too. In the past I’ve tried the ceramic microwave poachers but with those you can only cook one egg at a time, and it tends to make the outsides of the egg crunchy. This product works much better and that microwave poacher is going right in the trash. This product deemed the past poachers I used completely useless. Not only that but these take up much less space too and you can stack them. They are also so easy to wash too.

I made four poached eggs and some turkey bacon for breakfast. I’d love to share a few tips about using this product. I basically followed the instructions but I did modify one of the steps a bit to cater more appropriately to my diet. The silicone is very flexible and smooth. It has a little built in stand at the bottom. When putting the eggs in the poacher do it slowly because they may tip over if you accidentally put them in at an angle. The good part about the shape of these is even if the poacher does tip on it’s side the egg will not leak out because of the high edges. I used a large pan with a seal tight lid and I set the temperature to high. I put a little salt on top but waited to put the pepper on until after they were done. I added a little salt to the water too because the steam will let some of the salty liquid enter the poacher. Once the water was boiling I put the lid on and within the first minute you could tell the eggs were already cooking because the tops turned white.

After nearly five minutes I began to turn the heat off and take the lid off to check on them. The silicone maintained it’s shape and presented a resistance to the high heat. I tapped the center lightly with a spoon to see how soft the yolks were. The yolks were about halfway cooked and semi-soft but the whites were cooked completely just how I like them. I waited about another thirty seconds for some of the steam from the water to taper off so I wouldn’t burn myself. At that point I realized what the holes in the sides must be for. I used the holes to carefully slide a fork in two of the sides and remove the poachers from the water without touching the silicone at all. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the silicone itself to cool so I wanted to be cautious. They were not perfectly balanced so I was sure to take my time. The angle I held them at allowed me to drip the excess water out of the poacher before transferring it to a plate. Since these poachers are silicone it’s very easy to flip them inside out however I skipped adding any butter or oil to the poachers because I am trying to limit my fat intake so that caused the eggs to stick a bit. Due to that the egg did not pop out as easily but it was my choice to do it another way than the instructions specified. Instead what I did was I took a spoon and loosened the edges and then scooped the egg out and it still maintained it’s shape nicely. I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and I hope my review gives you some positive insight into this product. As you can see I attached some photos so you can see the step by step process for using these and exactly how easy it is. I think my breakfast looks pretty yummy and best of all the eggs were cooked without any fat. I added pepper and garnished with some green onion as my final step to enhance the flavor. I am already thinking of more recipe’s to use with these poachers.


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