Swissvita Micrite 3D Eye Lift Cream

Upon receipt of my Swissvita Eye Lift Cream I carefully examine the contents and instructions. The eye cream came in a sealed aluminum tube that was boxed and included an additional insert. Upon reading the box itself, and the insert I really can’t help but feel slightly deceived. The product is named Swissvita and even features the logo of the Swiss flag as the company logo. The product is not Swiss made at all. It says right there on the box that part of the formula was developed (meaning the ingredient used) in America and another was developed in Switzerland, however this eye cream itself is produced and distributed in Taiwan. I am not sure why the company was not very forthcoming with that fact because I do know of several really great beauty brands that are based out of Asia. In addition the recognition of Chinese medicine through the years is really evident, they should be proud of their company roots.
The tube that the eye cream came in was already slightly crimped so when I initially opened the cap a bunch squirted out so be prepared for that just in case. I’m not saying that will definitely happen to you, but it might. The contents are a thick clear gel like substance with very minimal scent. I applied the product onto my upper and lower eye area for several days. I took some before and after photos for those reading this review to evaluate for themselves. My general impressions after a few days of use is that the skin in my eye area feels tighter. It’s a bit difficult to notice differences within ourselves because we look in the mirror everyday. It’s better when someone else takes notice and comments. My mom noticed and asked what I was using. The one thing I did notice is that as the product dries it does brighten dark circles. I would glance at my eyes beforehand and then check back in about 5-10 minutes to see if anything noticeable occurred and that’s when I saw it. I received this product at no cost in order to provide my honest and unbiased opinion. Aside from that little mishap with the misrepresentation of the product’s origin this is still a quality eye care product. My personal preference is to use cream based eye products rather than gel’s because I love the moisturizing effect but for a gel is pretty good. Another area where the company can greatly improve is with the application instructions. Most of them are in a foreign language (likely Taiwanese) and there are only short excepts translated in English and they are not very descriptive.
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