Rosa Vila Two Line Diamond Ring

Rosa Vila Jewelry has fine silver plated and gold plated jewelry. This particular ring looks really classy and high quality. From a distance you could fool anyone into thinking that these are real diamonds. The stones are very shiny and nice and the glisten in the light very well. They are set nicely and professionally. This is not cheap costume jewelry. For a size seven I would say it runs slightly small. It feels more like a 6.75. The band itself it thick and lines with two rows of stones in addition to the monstrously sized center stone. The stock photo’s on amazon really do not do the ring justice. It appears much nicer in person. It comes in both silver as well as rose gold. Both were nice but I’ve been wearing silver more lately so I chose silver. This would be a good look as either a cocktail ring or as a substitute engagement ring. If you are thinking of buying this piece as a gift it will come presented in a ring box along with a sticker tag that says the size on it. I received this item at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and I believe that it is good quality costume jewelry. It did not turn my finger green and it did get a little wet but the silver color did not turn but I’d avoid getting it wet if I were you just in case to preserve the silver plating.


0326160906_HDR 0326160905a_HDR 0326160905c_HDR


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