The Magic Lift

I couldn’t help but notice all the buzz about this new revolutionary product that magically makes the bags under your eyes disappear. I honestly would not have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. I saw a bunch of timed videos on facebook and as advertisements on other websites but who knows if those were edited. I had to find out for myself.

There were several different brands that came out with this formula but the one I tested for myself was called The Magic Lift. The product comes in five small 2ml resealable tubes in a Velcro seal package along with instructions.

As I had a good nights rest I really didn’t have any bags under my eyes. My teenage son however had stayed up late because it was a weekend and his bags were just terrible. I asked him to be my test subject and he obliged.

I opened one of the tubes and squeezed just a tiny bit onto my finger and a dabbed it on his bags as the instructions had specified. Within about a minute or two you could literally see the bags shrinking and the dark circles around his eyes were getting lighter.

In conclusion The Magic Lift really does work and I couldn’t think of a better name for it. The downside is the effect is temporary and only lasts about 3-8 hours. If someone could figure out how to make it permanent they would render plastic surgery obsolete. See the before and after photos and decide for yourself.

I tried it on a deep wrinkle I had on my forehead and it really didn’t do much in terms of making it disappear so the product is definitely better on bags than deep wrinkles but it may tighten the surrounding skin depending on where the wrinkle is located.

I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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