Sonic Facial Brush by Bright Therapy

I really love the Sonic Facial Brush by Bright Therapy model number BT-SR03 but I must admit I was initially confused by the contents as compared the to the images on the box. The box displays the brush on a stand or charging base so I kind of got the impression that it was a rechargeable unit and it’s not. Once you read the description it clarifies things. The batteries were also not included so be sure to have some AA batteries on hand when you place your order for this product. Another thing that appeared different than the main image on the box was the brush head. On the box there is a grey brush head pictured with what looks like flat short non-bristled bumps. I am not sure if this additional brush head is part of some type of expanded brush package but it definitely was not included in the box. The main brush head was a bristled blue and white one.

There are four brush heads in total. The main large one with soft bristles which was my favorite, a head with circular rotating beads which was my second favorite, and two smaller heads; one with pumice and one white bristle brush. I have a completely separate exfoliating device for my pedicures that covers a larger area, so I likely won’t be using the pumice one very often but it did work. The smaller bristle head is good for tighter areas that can’t be reached by the larger brush. The silver ball beaded head is good for serum, lotion, and cream application and designed to stimulate your skin so that your product penetrates deeper. You should clean it well after use to remove any beauty product residue left behind on this head. It is very simple to clean because the unit is waterproof. If you are having a hard time cleaning it you can soak the brush head it in some soapy water for a while and that should do the trick.

There are three speed settings and my preference was the larger head brush on the second speed setting. You don’t even have to run it against your skin for very long to start feeling the difference. If you wrap your face in a warm towel or use a facial steamer prior to using the product it will be most effective as heat opens up your pores and makes it easier for the brush to lift unwanted matter away. I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.




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