Fast Reading Digital Thermometer by FamFave

My toddler isn’t feeling well right now. He’s come down with a case of the sneezy snufferoos (any parent that watches Boj will get that reference). When he woke up I could tell that he was too warm right away but needed to check and see if he had a fever so I could decide on what type of medicine to give him. My son hates getting his temperature taken. He hates holding the thermometer in his mouth, especially when he is sick he just get’s extra annoyed. I think he noticed that we bought a different thermometer because he looked at it with a little curiosity. I think this thermometer was more comfortable for him due to the flexible tip. He didn’t fidget around nearly as much as he usually does when I am trying to take his temperature.

This thermometer was so fast that by the time he started fussing it was over! I really couldn’t believe it was so fast. I actually took his temperature again to make sure it was working because it just seemed too fast. Sure enough the same temperature came up and it was accurate. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and even more impressed as the speed. I received this thermometer at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product and this is genuinely the fastest thermometer I’ve ever owned. The other features I love about it are that it’s easy to use and the display is easy to read as well. The flexible tip just makes it a little more pleasant because you don’t have something firm poking or jabbing you in your mouth. My toddler seemed to be more at ease with using this thermometer than any other thermometer I’ve owned.



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