First Botany Arabica Coffee Scrub


First Botany really knows how to deliver an amazing product. This Arabica Coffee scrub is beyond wonderful and highly addictive. I find myself wanting to use it everywhere and I reach for it nearly every time I go in the shower. I am trying not to use it everyday as I don’t want to irritate my skin by scrubbing too much. This stuff is definitely effective. I had some patches of dry skin and they are now gone. Not only that but when I get out of the shower my skin is so moisturized I don’t even feel like I have to put on additional lotion. My skin is really smooth and silky and I have this Arabica Coffee Scrub to thank for it. I have already started telling all my friends that they need to get this ASAP. It really is life changing. I was happy to receive this quality product at no cost in order to evaluate it and my finding are that it’s awesome and exactly what you need and look for in a great scrub only without all the bad chemicals and stuff that dries out your skin.

The icing on the cake is that it smells great. If you like the smell of coffee you are going to fall in love. The good part is the scent doesn’t linger on your skin so you wont walk around smelling like coffee all day although I think some people wouldn’t actually mind that. Now that I’ve opened my eyes to this product it’s going to become a regular on my bathroom counter top.



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