Liansing Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Liansing Bluetooth Portable speaker has a very simple and classic design. It’s a dark metalic grey/black color with very subtle silver trim. When it’s turned on a blue light is shown around the ring of the base. Since it’s so compact that does not leave much room for many features. For instance some of the buttons have two functions so it can be a bit confusing until you reach the instructions. I thought I was hitting the volume but instead the track was changing.

I typically use this with my phone while streaming pandora radio when I am cooking in the kitchen. I could just use my phone by itself but the boost in volume from the portable speaker definitely helps. It works best in a smaller room because naturally due to the size of the speaker and the fact that it’s a single speaker it’s not loud enough to accommodate a large room. For it’s size the sound and quality are decent. I wouldn’t say it’s very bassy but definitely adequate bass for a portable unit. I was impressed that a speaker this small would also have FM Radio so theoretically you really don’t have to plug it into anything to use that function say perhaps if you were going to the beach or a park and you can get a good FM signal. It charges quickly and has decent battery life. It also pairs quickly when using the bluetooth function as long as the item you are pairing it with is close by. I received this item at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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