Serum Ceuticals Vitamin C 21% Serum

Serum Ceutical’s Vitamin C serum contains 21% vitamin C which is definitely the most vitamin C I’ve ever had in any of my serums and vitamin C has many health benefits and antioxidant properties. The bottle itself is blue with a squirt top. You have to pour it into your hand for use. When I initially opened the bottle it started bubbling, and leaking. I didn’t even shake it so I was a little confused as to why this happened. I read the bottle and it said that the serum is loaded with nitrogen to prevent degradation so pressure had built up in the bottle and was released when I opened it. I think that keeping this fact in mind they should have put either slightly less serum in so that no spillage would occur or place it in a slightly larger bottle to accommodate the pressure.

The product itself is great and it works well but I feel like the packaging can be improved. I am not sure the pressure from the nitrogen would work well in a pump bottle but perhaps in a dropper bottle it could work out better and be less messy when dispensing the serum. Due to the fact that the product is infused with gases you should not leave the cap off for very long to try to keep the gases in as much as possible. After spreading the product my skin did have a slightly clammy feel, it could be that I am applying too much but it’s a bit difficult to measure the way it comes out of the bottle. It is also pretty liquidy which doesn’t help matters much. The formula itself is very comprehensive at providing skin protection and enhancing your complexion. I think that the idea itself of using gases to preserve the vitamins is an ingenious idea but I feel that it could have been better exercised with dispensation in mind.



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