InstaNatural’s Youth Express Night Cream

InstaNatural’s Night Cream is very thick and creamy, and I know that night creams tend to be on the heavier side but this cream is super moisturizing. I definitely don’t need anywhere near a full pump of this product for my entire face. A quarter of a pump is very generous and more than enough. There are several different types of oils in the product so it is a bit on the oily side and better for severely dry skin. Since it’s so heavy it is not suitable for daytime wear or under makeup, only at night when you want a superior surge of moisture. My face is already naturally oily in some areas as I have combination skin so I needed to use it very sparingly in those areas otherwise it would feel too heavy on my skin.

Overall the product makes my skin very soft and pump but I am only using it every other day as my skin doesn’t require that much moisturizing. On most days just a good serum is enough. I received this product at no cost in order to provide my honest and unbiased opinions. I feel that if you have very dry skin this product will be perfect for you.



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