Exfolimate Exfoliating Tool

It definitely takes a bit of trial and error to determine how well the Exfolimate 2-piece Face and Body Exfoliator by Quest Products will work for you. It all depends on your skin and what your issues are. For me personally it is not fit for use on my face. My face is much too sensitive for it. I did find that using it on my body did work particularly on ingrown hairs and my keratosis pilaris on my arms.

You have to find just the right amount of pressure as well as the right angle. The instructions say to use it while you are in the shower while your skin is wet but you won’t really see much evidence of the removal of dead skin cells that way. Against my better judgement I used it on dry sky and it’s very evident that it strips away dead skin cells but with the amount of pressure I needed to use it also slightly irritated my skin so I only did it a few times over a specific area before letting the skin heal for a few days and trying again. The best way for me to describe this product is a scraper for your skin however no need to worry the blase is dull and you are in no danger of cutting yourself at all.

So far I successfully used this product to remove some hyper-pigmentation from my skin from high friction areas. I also used it after shaving my legs when the hair was starting to grow back to ensure I didn’t have any ingrown hairs prior to my next shave. The exfolimate also removed the keratosis pilaris on my arms and I immediately treated it with the lotion my dermatologist gave me and since the skin was fresh and new it helped it penetrate deeper. I wish there was a way this product could perform without the added irritation but I just don’t think it’s possible. You kind of just have to know when to stop before you go too far.

#facebodytool http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H43066Y


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