CuliChef Silicone & Stainless Steel Spatula

My new favorite spatula!!
This is definitely a solid spatula from CuliChef. I cook nearly every day and I’ve been using it in my kitchen since I received it on a regular basis. I’ve used it for frying, grilling, and even in my wok. I love the semi soft silicone material. Most of my pans are non-stick so this spatula will not damage the finish. I’ve used it while frying fish and chicken over very high heat and the spatula did not melt or warp. It’s got a nice grip on it and the base is well constructed out of durable stainless steel. All of my other kitchen utensils are also stainless steel silver and black and my utensil caddy is also stainless steel so this spatula matches perfectly.

It’s easy to flip your meats, pancakes, and everything else without causing a mess. The best part about the spatula is that the end is semi-soft so it also works as a bowl scraper but for pans. Meaning when you are serving your dish you can glide the tip across you pan and get all that delicious sauce you were cooking with out of the pan and onto the plate. It manages to catch every drop because of the silicone texture. Overall it’s very well made and I am happy with my purchase.



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