Re-Useable Silicone Stretch Lids

Tired of wasting saran wrap and aluminum foil to put things away? Get these silicone stretch lids.

There are so many possible uses for these. You can cover cans or small containers that you may have lost the tops to. They are so stretchy you can also use them to cover your drinking cups in case you are worried about accidental spills. My husband wasn’t convinced they would hold and dared me to put the cup upside down over my laptop. I trusted the quality so I obliged and it really worked. Not a single drop dripped out. I finally convinced him too.

You can also use these on the bottoms of cups and cans as coasters for really cold drinks that may condensate and leave a ring on your furniture. Not only that but some aluminum cans rush in moist conditions so you can put these on the bottom of them to prevent rust damage on your cabinets and counters. They can also be used for storing fruit and you don’t have to wrap the whole thing so the fruit still get’s to breathe but the moist side is protected and preserved.

You can use it on onions too that you’ve cut into but if you use it on that you might want to designate one specifically for that purpose and only use it for that as the flavor and odor may absorb and transfer. These lids are super convenient. I am going to order the larger ones too now that I know how they work and how useful they are. I received these stretch lids at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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