Dr. K Premium Baby Wipes

Dr. K’s wipes are pretty good. Equal to if not better than my current brand in terms of quality. I usually use Huggies or Pampers depending on what’s on sale or the best value at the time. My child’s skin is not too sensitive and he has no issues using scented wipes. These were very gentle yet strong and effective which is surprising due to the lack of chemicals. I was not expecting natural based wipes to perform this well. They are unscented and are nearly the same size as my usual wipes, these are a little bigger but they are also much thicker and heavier. They stretch out quite a bit before ripping and you have to try very hard to rip it. The clean the skin well and are even gentle enough to use on your child’s face. They are a bit more expensive than my usual brand in general but I did received a great discount on these in exchange for my opinion which made them worth it. In general I can get about 500 wipes or so for eleven dollars and with these you get 432 wipes that come in a pack of 6 individually wrapped containers and each container contains 72 for nineteen dollars. They are a bit more pricey but you may end up using less actual wipes so it might be worth it. It’s especially worth it if your child has extra sensitive skin and can only use natural wipes. I still prefer scented wipes in general but that’s not Dr.K’s fault at all, just a matter of preference. The Huggies also have a better texture when compared to these which in turn helps baby get cleaner faster.

#drkbabywipes http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016OVKIY6



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