Mellanni 3 Piece Queen Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

Mellanni knows what it takes to make a soft comfortable bed sheet set. Not only are these sheets simple yet classy but they are also incredibly soft and well made. The stitching is pristine and the thread count is high but they are still lightweight and breathable. I sleep very comfortably in these sheets even in the warmer weather. The pockets are very deep and it fits my queen sized mattress perfectly and I also have an additional memory foam topper and there’s still some space however if you tuck it in properly it won’t shift around or slide off as you sleep and I am a pretty wild sleeper and I’ve encountered no issues. The corners of the fitted sheet are nice and stretchy. The pillow cases fit my queen sized shredded memory foam pillows perfectly too. The flat sheet is enough to use alone on a hot day. These sheets also hold up through the wash cycle very well. They are advertised as being wrinkle free but I do see some mild wrinkles every so often but it’s really no big deal. I received it in white and it’s maintained it’s clean white color but you can always wash it in some bleach if they start to get dingy. Overall I am really happy with this bed sheet set. I received this sheet set at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.



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