Maxam’s Marble Mortar & Pestle

Maxam’s Marble Mortar and Pestle gets five stars all around. First of all it’s made of gorgeous marble, it’s too nice to hide in a cabinet. I have mine out on display on top of my microwave near my spice rack. It’s extremely thick, well made, and high quality not to mention very heavy.

The weight was a little shocking at first because my old mortar and pestle was made out of wood and buying the wood one was ultimately a very bad decision in the long run. The wood had split on the pestle from excessive pressure and it was not tough enough to stand up to crushing hard spices but I did not encounter this at all with the current product. It was the perfect replacement and I was happy to have received it at no cost in order to share my findings. Another issue I encountered with the old one was when I was crushing really hard spices they were leave dents in the bottom of the mortar making it less functional each time I used it because it was not as flat on the bottom. The wood also can absorb moisture and begin to mold which would be horrible.

Marble is definitely the way to go when it comes to these and I’ve learned my lesson. It’s good for both light crushing as well as fine. You can use a great deal of pressure and won’t have to worry about experiencing any issues. For light crushing I only had to use one hand and the mortar was so heavy it stayed in place on it’s own. I’ve used it for various purposes such as crushing nuts, pills, and spices so far. It’s also very easy to clean even though there is a rough surface in the bottom of the mortar. I simply use a round bottle brush and dish soap and press it down head one and turn it in a twisting motion while I run it under some warm water.



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