Easy@Home Bluetooth Scale EBW-102

The Easy@Home Deluxe Bluetooth Digital scale is thin and sleek but provides plenty of surface space for weighing yourself. Due to the glossy finish it is very easy to clean and well, all you need to do is wipe it. It was plug and play right from the start. It powered up and we all weighed ourselves instantly and the digital display gave us a proper easy to read accurate weight on the brightly lit display. The display is pretty large so if you are visually impaired you will not have a problem seeing the digits.

You don’t necessarily need to use it with the Bluetooth option if you don’t want to, but if you don’t you are missing out on a ton of additional options and features in addition to tracking your progress if you are working out or on a diet. You can get the accompanying app just by looking at the link on the bottom of the scale. As long as you have a smart phone you can use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode and it will take you right to the app. It includes a barcode for both iphones and android phones as well. As soon as it scanned the barcode I confirmed that I wanted to go to the app and I entered some information like my name, birthday, height, etc. and then it connected to the scale to lock in my weight for the day so I can check back at the report later. It also shows some charts of appropriate weight and bmi based on your stats. It was all pretty simple to figure out and it’s user friendly.

You should make sure to place in an area that is very flat. The flattest possible space in your home and make sure it’s not off balance because that can affect the accuracy of the scale. I noticed on my not so even wood flooring if one floor panel was higher than the other it would affect the read out by a pound or two. As a results I placed it on my bathroom tiles and it’s been spot on ever since. I received this scale at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


#EasyScaleEBW102 http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Home-Bluetooth-Digital-Android/dp/B019NNCWQY?ie=UTF8&keywords=bluetooth%20body%20fat%20scale&qid=1460580190&ref_=sr_1_17_a_it&sr=8-17


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