Peppermint Essential Oil by Organo Oils

Organo Oils Peppermint Essential Oil comes in a amber bottle with a standard cap but they provide the glass dropper in the package separately as a safety precaution to prevent leaks in transit. Once I received it I opened it right away and a strong wave of peppermint air came flowing out right to my nostrils. It is a strong and sweet and pleasant scent. In fact it’s so strong and pure it needs to be diluted prior to use. Of all the mint’s I love peppermint and spearmint the most because the fragrance is not as harsh as some other mints that have that medicinal smell. You can use it as a fragrance additive to unscented lotions, creams, and oils. I know a lot of people who have sensitivity to many fragrances but are not sensitive to natural essential oil fragrance so this is a great alternative for them.

To use this in an aromatherapy diffuser you really have to be in love with the scent of peppermint because it is very strong and intense and the scent is long lasting too. If you didn’t know peppermint is great at keeping bugs away. It’s a natural insect repellent so I put a couple of drops on the edges of my windowsill pots where I have my herbs and plants along with some coffee grounds mixed into the soil because that is also a natural repellent. Aside from that it does have other medicinal purposes and I am looking forward to trying it for those reasons when the situation arises. I received this item at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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