Flying Boomerang & Sling shot Children’s Toy

This boomerang kept my son busy for hours. There’s a specific way you need to throw it for it to come back to you. He didn’t quite get it to work but he was pretty close. He sure had fun trying though. It’s made of light wood so it is a little fragile but it’s a kids toy, we weren’t expecting it to last forever. It’s still cool to throw around outside. The edges are a little scuffed already but it’s still in one piece for now. Play with it on the grass because if it hits the pavement or anything else there’s a good chance it might get damaged. It comes with a bonus slingshot as well which we definitely had an easier time using and it does indeed work well. I’d give the boomerang itself three stars but I’d give the slingshot four stars. I received this item at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.



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