New Air Water Dispenser WAT30B & Filtration Bottle WAT10W


This is a two part review of each of the components of my new water cooler system.

WAT30B – NewAir WAT30B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Water Dispenser, Black (Kitchen)

The NewAir water cooler filtration system was most definitely an item my family needed desperately. I have a family of four. Constantly filling the refrigerators water filter multiple times a day was extremely annoying, and tediously time consuming. I received a Top fill filtration unit that fits both standard water cooler bottles and their own proprietary multiple gallon water filter (see my item WAT10W for my review of the filter). Setup of the NewAir water cooler was a snap, consisting up unpacking and plugging into an outlet. The NewAir water cooler itself is a glossy black that is easy to clean and pretty much matches all decor. The NewAir water cooler stand about four feet high and is about one foot wide and one foot long. This sleek design ensures this water cooler can fit in nearly any space. The NewAir water cooler fits the current energy efficiency standards and features an A/C chord that does have a 3 prong ground for protection against electrical shock as a safety feature. The NewAir water cooler Dispenses both Hot and Cold water at the touch of a button. Another safety feature is the Hot button has a built in child protect lock on it which is good because the hot water is steaming hot (easily hot enough for a cup of coffee). The NewAir water cooler has built in handholds for easy relocation and is light enough to easily slide on smooth surfaces. The NewAir water cooler has a built in insulated storage unit on the bottom which is perfect for cups or teas, as well as a removable easy to clean splash guard. The NewAir water cooler is very quiet and has easy to read (and understand) light up indicators for safe operation and maintenance. Other Maintenance for the NewAir water cooler is running lemon juice through the system clean its internal systems every 3 months or so (This clears calcium and lime buildups). The NewAir water cooler features curved edges for further (childproofing) safety. It doesn’t drip either. I haven’t had to empty the water catcher once yet. Other coolers that I’ve used always let a few more drops out even after you let go of the button. Now ensuring my family is hydrated and healthy is easy and efficient. I fill the cooler once a day and go on with my life. You have no idea how much time is saved when you have fresh clean hot and cold water on hand any time and at any moment throughout the day. The water tastes fantastic too. They say your refrigerator wastes power every time you open the door. I cant even imagine how much money and energy we are saving because of the NewAir water cooler. It is positively amazing. I once thought water coolers were for offices only. Well i thought wrong! Every family should have a water cooler. My only regret is not getting one sooner. Knowing what i know now about the practicality of having a water cooler, I would pay full price for the NewAir water cooler. Thank you NewAir for allowing me to give my honest opinion about your product in return for a discount. I genuinely recommend this water cooler to everyone I know and plan on being a customer for the foreseeable future.

WAT10W –  NewAir WAT10W Pure Spring Water Filtration Bottle Filter (Up to 211 gallon), White

I purchased this new NewAir WAT10W Pure Spring Water Filtration bottle to accompany my new water dispenser. I am currently using it with the top fill unit model WAT30B and I absolutely love it. The water tastes so clean and really great. By far the best tasting filtered water I’ve had in a while certainly better than my two quart refrigerator pitcher and equal to if not better than brand name bottled water. I wish the lid for refilling would lock in a little better just for my own peace of mind but it hasn’t tipped over or fallen so it’s okay. It was very easy to install and it’s cost efficient. The replacement filters have a high filtering capability and last for a very long time. They only cost about twenty dollars each but you can go several months without having to replacement one due to their size and efficiency. My whole family loves this new addition to our dining room. We keep it right by our dinner table to easy access. One of the best decisions we ever made was to purchase New Air’s water dispenser. It’s very time saving and convenient for our family. We received the filtration bottle at a discount in order to provide a detailed analysis of our finding and we have found this to be the best option for keeping our family hydrated. It is also a greener method of providing clean water without constantly having to purchase a new bottle every time. I only wish that it came in black and silver to match the dispenser.

New Air is also hosting a giveaway! You can find the entry form here:



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