Girl’s Seahorse 18K Rose Gold Plated Heart Pendant


This Seahorse pendant and necklace gift set is sure to be a hit with any young girl that love aquatic animals. The seahorses combine in the shape of a heart and are encrusted with white and pink jewels. The jewels are very sparkly and while this is costume jewelry it’s pretty high quality in terms of the metals. Looking at the stone settings up close gives it away a little but it’s still gorgeous. This could also be worn by an adult woman since the chain is 18 inches long there’s more than enough room even if it’s a little on the shorter side. Some people like to wear their necklaces at that length anyway. The pendant is affixed well to the necklace so you won’t have to worry about loosing it and the necklace matches it nicely. The rose gold is a nice touch and adds more of a uniqueness factor. You don’t really see too many people wearing rose gold these days. The plating seems to be holding up well. So far so good. The pendant and chain come in a cute little clam shell box with removable foam padding to be either placed nicely on display or for gift giving. Additionally a card is included with some more information behind the symbolism of seahorses.



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