Gear Ultimate Infused Water Pitcher Shatterproof Acrylic 93 Oz


Gear Ultimate Infused Water Pitcher seems pretty solid in terms of quality and it’s said to be shatterproof but I haven’t tested that but I will say even though it’s not shatterproof it will still scratch so you should keep it away from sharp objects. It’s fairly large but the infuser does take up a bit of space inside so there’s less room for liquid. The ice core is a nice concept but I wish there was a way to remove the stick of ice from the ice core so you could put it in the pitcher directly because you’d be able to freeze more than one to make the liquid inside extra cold. Unfortunately there is only a small hole to pill the ice core. The cap for it is very small and is not attached to the ice core so it will be easy to misplace and it’s a bit tough to get it in the space to steal it. You have to press very hard. The lid for the pitcher fit’s snug but it’s not exactly seal tight so be careful with it. The handle is nice and roomy and easy to hold. The tip is properly angled to pour the liquid out with minimal leaks or dribbling. Overall it’s a great pitcher. I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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