Hand Made Coconut Oil Soap Sampler by Splendor Santa Barbara


I love the variety of scents in this sampler box of soaps by Splendor Santa Barbara. It comes in Vanilla Oatmeal, Tea Tree, Charcoal and Rose Clay, Lemongrass Poppy Seed, Lavender Rosemary Leaf, and Lavender. They are small thin rustically cut hand made pieces of soap so I’d recommend them to be used as hand soaps rather than bath soaps due to the shape. If they came in larger pieces they would be better for bathing purposes. The lemongrass poppy seed one has a fantastic citrus scent with light exfoliation from the poppy seeds. It’s a sweet yet lemony scent and would probably remind most people of dish soap but for me I love lemon’s so I don’t mind. The lavender one was a little too flowery for my and not my typical scent profile but I used it anyway. All of the soaps are very rich and lathery, they are definitely made of high quality materials and I was very impressed at how well they clean. They also don’t dry out your skin. My favorites of the bunch were the vanilla oatmeal and the lemongrass poppy seed. I received these soaps at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

#SplendorSantaBarbara http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DN1ONNM


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