BYB Super Bright CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight


BYB Super Bright CREE XML T6 LED Zoomable is definitely a good flashlight, that is if you can get it to work. The flashlight kit does not come with any instructions. Neither the battery, not the charger or the flashlight itself are labelled to show the positive and negative ends. As you can imagine this caused a bit of confusion. I put the battery in the way I thought it should be inserted and nothing happened.

I then assumed may be it needs to be charged. I couldn’t figure out which end was which so I just took a guess. Then I also noticed that the battery itself has a sticker over the negative end. Well that probably explains why it was not working but I kept charging anyway. The light was red so I figured it wasn’t full. I waited until the light was green and then I took another chance at figuring out how to get this battery in the right way. I’m surprised I didn’t short the battery out putting it in the wrong way the first time because guess what? It was the complete opposite of what I thought.

The flashlight is pretty heavy and durable but not travel friendly if you want to pack light due to the weight. It zooms in and out to light up either a small area or a wide one. It’s definitely a good flashlight but I just wish it came with instructions or at least the battery and charger were labelled. Other than that I am happy with it. The bonus solar powered flashlight is pretty cool too. I received this item at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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