spot and stain remover


I purchased this stain remover however I don’t have any pets. I do however have two children. Most kids are messy. Some kids are wild. My children are both. I’m sure other parents can relate. The older one leaves big messes and the smaller one leaves smaller (but smellier) messes. Milk stains, spit up, and leaky diapers are all in a days work for me and though I power through I cant say my carpet has fared so well. I live in a part of the world that has multiple seasons so shampooing the carpet whenever a new snafu occurs is just not possible and not very good for the carpet fibers either. I tend to wash my carpets most often in the spring and winter mostly because opening windows reduces fumes and also helps the carpet dry faster. This is a big problem in the winter since keeping the windows open isn’t feasible. Therefore during those cold winter months spot treatments are the only viable option. I needed a carpet cleaner that satisfied a few conditions. 1. no fumes 2. Non-Toxic 3. Works. This spot cleaner satisfies 2 of the 3 requirements. It works and there aren’t many fumes (that I noticed). This product does contain some irritants and is mildly toxic but the active ingredient also doubles as a bug repellent which I guess balances things out. Moving the children to another room for an hour is a small price to pay for a pristine carpet. I can also use this product on my couch and it’s safe for other fabrics as well. I received this product at a discount for my honest opinion. Please keep out of reach of children. This item does contain boric acid.



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