ZIPIT Colorz Box


This zippered storage is not only colorful and cute but it’s very useful. It’s great for it’s intended purpose of holding pens and pencils and it can hold quite a few. It’s also very useful for other things like holding makeup and usb cords and spare batteries and chargers and much much more. You can even use it as a case for your eyeglasses because it is lined with a soft felt inside that will prevent your lenses from being damaged.

It’s very roomy. The zipper works very well too. The casing itself is semi-firm so it will protect from some impact even though it’s not a rugged style case and that’s exactly what I need to store my makeup. There have been far too many times that someone has dropped or sat on my purse that holds my makeup and the cases and mirror crack inside. Since it’s semi firm it prevents against that and also indicates to the person that something fragile may be inside. It’s also very feminine and it comes in my favorite color; Purple!

I received this product at no cost for testing purposes. I am posting an honest and unbiased review of the product.



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