I Max Ceramide-Post Chemical Peel-Soothing and Moisturizing Cream

This is a perfect soothing treatment after any facial chemical treatment. I recently started using MaxLife USA’s 10% Glycolic (AHA-Alpha Hydroxy) Acid Serum for Chemical Peel which is more of a treatment and rise than an actual peel but that’s a story for another review.

I used this product immediately after applying the treatment. The first time I used the chemical peel I did not have this product to use afterwards so I had to make due with what I had but I was lucky to have it on hand for my second treatment and the combination of products together works wonders and they are meant to be used as such. I was not able to leave the peel on for the full length of time specified due to sensitivity but I learned to recognize the signs to know exactly when it was time to begin removing it. I made sure to have the post peel ceramide treatment in very close proximity to my sink where I was rinsing the peel.

As soon as I rinsed I applied the ceramide and began to feel a rush of relief immediately. It not only neutralized all of the tingling and burning delivering immediate comfort. Since your skin will be quite raw and sensitive afterwards the cream provides a barrier of protection against any further agitation. I did not apply anything else in my usual skin care regime. No serums, no creams, not even my eye gel. This was just as a precaution because I was unaware of how it would react and whether it would sting. It was a good call on my part.

By the next day my skin was fully healed and absolutely radiant. I kept using the cream the following night just for good measure and then I went back to my usual skin care routine. This cream can optionally also be used alone or with other chemical treatments. I highly recommend having this on hand if you are planning any chemical treatments, exfoliation or microdermabraision. It works wonders for the skin cell recovery process. I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. The fact that I received my item for free or at a discounted rate does not influence my opinion in any way, and my purpose for writing these reviews is to be objective in sharing the advantages and flaws of these products for fellow Amazon customers. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my review.

#ceramidefacialcream http://www.amazon.com/Ceramide-Post-Chemical-Peel-Soothing-Moisturizing-Cream/dp/B00WH1LSY2/


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