ROHEGO Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


Let me start off by saying I absolutely love to cook. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and take much care in preparing sauces, marinates, dry rubs, and several other preparations before I even begin to start the cooking itself. I chop, I stir, I mix, I mash, If there’s something to get into I get into it. I spend hours slaving over that stove. I can’t lie, after I while my feet start to hurt and then it’s just a domino effect of pains after that because eventually my back and legs start to hurt too from all the standing. My kitchen tiles are hard and we don’t even have any kind of rug in there or anything. When I saw this comfort mat all kinds of alarms went off in my head and I immediately decided I need this in my life. In the past when I’d get tired I would actually bring my work with me to the dining room table and sit as I prepared things or just set an alarm and went to take a break on the couch for a few minutes before I returned to continue. There won’t be any need for any of that anymore.

Standing on this comfort mat feels like I am walking on clouds. It’s incredibly soft and easy on your feet while still remaining firm and not allowing you to sink into it. It must be made of some type of miracle fabric I thought. Nope, just plain old polyurethane foam. If you accidentally get it wet like my son tends to do when he’s in there washing the dishes it will just bead right on the fabric and air dry without absorbing. If you accidentally get a stain on it or splash it with some food it just wipes right off as long as it’s not a grease splatter. If its a great splatter then you need to apply some mild soap and water to get it off. Crumbs don’t stick to it either, they just sweep right off. It’s fairly large too so it not only covers the area near my stove but it extends to some of the counter space I use for food prep. I live in an apartment so I have a fairly small kitchen so it does cover a lot of the space. I am really impressed that just a simple mat could provide me so much relief. I can stand there for hours upon hours and not feel remotely as uncomfortable as I did before when standing for long periods. To all cooks, chef’s and bakers everywhere… you may not know it yet, but you need this! I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. The fact that I received my item for free or at a discounted rate does not influence my opinion in any way, and my purpose for writing these reviews is to be objective in sharing the advantages and flaws of these products for fellow Amazon customers. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my review.



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