GMETAL-5 Dual Function Lantern Flashlight 500 lms


The Night Provsion GMETAL-5 Dual Function Lantern Flashlight 500 lms is very bright, it will light up an entire room or guide your way in the dark outdoors. There’s three different settings and once you read the instructions and figure out what to press to turn on each function operation becomes a breeze. It took a few times of playing with it to remember how to activate the modes but now I remember them and no longer need the instructions. The housing is very strong and metal. It could easily survive a few drops and the ports are seal tight in case there’s rain or moisture in your area of use. It comes with a hand strap so you don’t accidentally drop it and it comes with it’s own rechargeable battery and charging cable that uses a standard micro USB cable. The lantern option is great for camping because you can just turn it on and stand the flashlight up to light the vicinity of where it’s being used. The strobe function is also great too in case there’s an emergency and you are trying to get someone’s attention or optionally you can freak your friends out with it at a party if you are feeling like a prankster. The batteries that it comes with are long lasting but you should use them exclusively for this unit as they have the exact required amps and power for this device. You can optionally charge these batteries using a battery charger capable of charging rechargeable lithium batteries. Make sure to always insert the batteries correctly to prevent shorts and never drain you batteries completely as it’s not good for the life of the battery. This flashlight is extremely well made and I would recommend it to anyone.

I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. The fact that I received my item for free or at a discounted rate does not influence my opinion in any way, and my purpose for writing these reviews is to be objective in sharing the advantages and flaws of these products for fellow Amazon customers. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my review.




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