Asmork Art 3 Piece Scenic Oil Painting

In currently in the process of re-decorating and switching out some of the art in my apartment with a theme that’s more Fall appropriate. This set of oil paintings just screams fall from the colors to the gorgeous scenic imagery. When I think of Fall I think of all the trees with colorful red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves.


In the meantime I hung these in my dining room and the wall space is a bit large so I have them spaced apart but after I am complete with switching out the rest of my wall decor I am going to see if they work in this area or if I can find a better place to present them. They will likely look better when placed a bit closer together over a smaller area of the wall.


The frame is nice and sturdy and the canvas is attached quite well. The outer edges of the canvas are painted in black so it gives the paintings a bit more depth and impact when placed on a wall that’s a much lighter color. My apartment walls are mostly an off white or shell color.

One tip I have for you while un-boxing these paintings is that you should have a staple remover handy and be sure to take great care in removing the protective borders so that you don’t damage the canvas.

I received this item at no cost or at a discounted rate in order to provide my honest and unbiased opinion of the product. #OilPainting


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