Car Safety Hammer

I love being prepared for anything and when I am travelling with two children in the car safety is extremely important to me. I’ve seen the scenario on TV way too many times where there’s an accident and a car goes off the road and straight into a nearby lake or river. I don’t wish this on anyone but of course I couldn’t help but to think what if that was me and I was in the car with my kids. What would I do? When you have automatic windows it’s not likely they are going to work underwater and the pressure will prevent you from opening your doors. Then to make matters worse try opening a baby seat belt that is fastened twice in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t help but worry. I now travel with this car safety hammer in my car and I feel more secure. I keep it right in my glove box so it’s always within arms reach. It has a light, a seat belt cutter, and a glass breaker so in case I get in any serious situation I will have just the tool to help me get out of my vehicle and bring my kids to safety. #carsafetyhammer


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