Lit Coffee Dark Roast Organic Fair Trade Single Origin

I’m way too old for these “young people” catch phrases and I don’t normally say this but “It’s LIT fam” lol No, but it really IS! Lit Dark Roast Fair Trade, Organic, Single-Origin Craft Coffee. I’m normally an everyday tea drinker but I have been on a major coffee kick as of late. Mainly because I need an extra boost of caffeine in the morning because someone has been up late playing a really addictive video game. *whistles* Okay, may be I’m not THAT old haha…. So anyway, this makes a nice strong cup of coffee. It’s exactly what I need to wake up and stay sharp at work. The coffee is also very rich in flavor as dark roast typically is. These are whole beans so you get the whole freshly ground experience and it will fill your home with a fantastic aroma. While I’m by no means a coffee connoisseur, I am a major foodie and I know flavor. I like to offset the richness of this coffee with just a touch of sugar and some half and half. #GetLitCoffee¬†


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