Lens Circle Magic Color Contact Lenses

I had the opportunity to test these Magic Color contact lenses from Lens Circle. http://www.lenscircle.com/ #lenscircle

They are extremely thin and flexible which is great for comfortable wear however it also causes them the flip inside out easily when applying. It took a few tries to get them in but I finally succeeded. The first thing I noticed was that they are not the right size because they made my vision a little blurry in the corners.

The color and style I chose was the “Twins circle lenses blue” because they were a combination of blue and yellow and my actual eye color is a combination of green and yellow so I thought that these colors would combine nicely to give the contacts a natural look. Those who saw me wearing them could not notice much of a color difference from afar but they did give my small almond shaped eyes a more wide eyed look. From up close it was very apparent that the contacts were noticeable. Overall I wouldn’t mind purchasing contacts from Lens Circle again but I do need to figure out the right size for my eyes so I don’t get the blurriness.

Just for good measure I am also including a photo below of myself sans contact lenses.



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