Greenday Liquid Chalk Markers

When working on art projects with the kids non-toxic and easy to remove is the way to go. We started a little Christmas art projects on the windows of our apartment. This kills two birds with one stone because the kids get to draw (especially in a place where they usually aren’t allowed to draw) and at the same time it creates a holiday window decoration. It came with all the colors we needed to make our tree and snowman. It needs some work but we are working on it a little at a time to give it time to dry. Make sure you don’t overlap colors because the tips of the markers will get mixed up and you make not achieve the color you want the next time you use them. They start off with a really fine tip when they are new but as you use them and if you press harder the lines get a bit thicker. These also work on my magnetic art board on the fridge. They wipe off with ease.


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