YEX Womens Houndstooth Wallet

If you generally carry around a lot of ID and credit cards or just prefer large wallets this one is a good choice, however I must say that it appears a bit different in person than in the photos online. The pattern is true to the description in the sense that it’s indeed houndstooth style however it’s actually patent leather not standard leather and the material is pretty shiny and likely water resistant. The areas on the wallet that appear to be light grey are actually metallic silver and are shimmery and sparkly. I kind of wasn’t expecting it to be quite this flashy. It’s roomy and there are several compartments inside. It will fit a check book even though it’s not technically a checkbook wallet. As for it being a clutch I’d say that’s pushing it because if you wanted to try to cram your phone in here you probably wouldn’t be able to very easily unless you own an extremely small phone. In my case it wasn’t possible but that wasn’t my intent when purchasing this wallet anyway. The trim on the closure is gold toned metal but I think it would look better with silver to match the color scheme a bit better. I think that gold and silver mixed looks a bit gauche on most items or even mixing gold and silver jewelry for that matter. It will go well with other houndstooth design items likes coats and purses if you want to be super matchy-matchy but if not just a simple houndstooth scarf would suffice as an accent to this accessory. Overall it’s really cute and functional. #walletsforwomen


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