Aulexy Facial Brush Set of 4

I have very mixed feelings about this facial brush set. First of all I have no clue why the word “baby shower” is included in the title of the product as it’s completely not relevant. If they intended on marketing this as a goodie bag item, hmm not so sure this is the type of thing I’d give as a parting gift lol. The good things… they’re soft, gentle, easy to clean so their are more hygienic than sponges which absorb bacteria and they have a finger handle of sorts and you get four of them in a pack. The bad… they don’t really exfoliate very well, the handles are slippery when your hands get soapy, and they don’t really do anything in terms of creating a lather when used with your usual cleanser. In conclusion I suppose they are better than using just your hands but not as good as a konjac sponge, sonic cleansing device, or just a regular scrub sponge. #Aulexy


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