Musical Life Music Stand with carrying case

We live in an apartment with a growing family so there isn’t much surface space at my place at the moment so I needed to get a little creative to figure out where I was going to put the wireless all in one DJ system that I was gifted from my very dear friends. I noticed that this music stand not only claimed to be sturdy enough to hold sheet music but also to hold tablets and laptops etc. so I figured my system is only slightly heavier than a laptop so I took a chance to see if I could make it work. The size and functionality of this stand was perfect to hold my system. It’s actually a little bigger in person than it appears online. You can adjust the height of the stand and the top also tilts and is secured by tightening knobs so you can angle it any way you like. This way my system is on it’s own individual stand and now it’s portable so I can move it from room to room whenever I want to. It assembles and disassembles quite easily so I can put it away if I need the extra space and it also comes with a convenient carrying case if I ever need to bring it with me on the go. The hold is strong and secure and I trust it will hold up well for my purposes. I’ve already used it plenty of times in the position that it’s in without any issues. Just to be safe I have it positioned near a wall so that there’s less of a chance of it being knocked over.




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