Spike Seasoning Hot & Spicy, Garlic, Vege Sal & More

I was pleasantly surprised when this heavy box of Spike’s seasoning arrived yesterday. I was a bit confused at first because I was under the impression I was only evaluating one of their spices but they generously sent their entire line of spices. I am going to be stocked up for a while now.

Spike’s spice recipes are produced by Gaylord Hauser and they range from hot and spicy, lemon pepper, vegetable based and more. They even have a salt free option for those looking to limit their sodium intake. I made sure to taste each and every one of them individually so that I can start thinking of recipes and foods that I will use these with in my cooking.

Their Magic Tenderizer is great for meats and even better that it’s all natural. A lot of tenderizing spices contain MSG however this one uses papaya enzyme instead. Spikes original magic seasoning is a combination of herbs and spices with a hint of veggies that can be pretty much used on anything. It’s made of quality ingredients and you can taste the freshness. Each of the spices comes in a thick glass shaker.

The hot and spicy magic combines the heat elements in cayenne along with red chili flakes to create a bold flavor. You can use this on meats as well and I think it would work best with chicken and pork. The vege-sal works great with soups and stews to enhance the flavor of the fresh vegetables you include and the Vegit Magic is nearly the same however it’s the lower sodium version. If you already put salt in your soup separately you may just want to consider using the salt free magic so it’s not too salty.

The garlic magic when mixed with the original magic creates something similar to adobo but better and more flavorful and it’s another versatile spice that you will find yourself including frequently in most recipes particularly in Italian and Latin cuisine. The lemon pepper works really great on all types of seafood but also with poultry. It’s very tangy and made with white pepper which has a more intense flavor in my opinion. These are all great in their own way and you can combine two or more to create more complex flavor profiles. My two favorites of the bunch are the hot and spicy and the vege-sal.




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