Lens Circle Contact Lenses

I always knew purple and green went well together but I really had no idea to what extent until I tried these contacts. My natural color is green and the circle lenses provided a nice shade of purple on the outskirts of my irises creating a wonderfully unique splash of color. I’m fact you could only tell In was wearing them if you were up close in a very well lit space. From a distance it enhanced and darkened the outer circumference of my eye making it appear much larger and more open.

Overall they are very comfortable for daytime wear for several hours. They also came with a complimentary case and storage bag. All you need to do is purchase the contact solution to keep them moist when not in use and to clean them in between wearing. It might take a few tries to get them in at first but you will get used to it and figure out which method works best for you but fortunately the included instructions provide some helpful tips.



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